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Apricot Marblewood
Black Walnut Osage Orange
Bloodwood Pink Ivory
Canarywood Tiger Ebony
Chechen Verawood
Ebony Wild Olivewood
Holly Zebrawood
Why Wood?
People and the earth are no doubt connected, and wood adornment is just a fitting way to celebrate this. Wood is a warm, comfortable, and natural material that has so much character. Each piece of jewelry is a story, the grains speak to you with beauty from it's past. Organic materials were the first materials to be used for jewelry, and we are excited to be bringing it back with a modern urban feel!
Material Origins
Against the Grain Wood Studio purchases all its wood in an ethical manner, from trusted suppliers right here in the USA. Also, we have done a lot of research to give you the most accurate information possible about each of our woods listed.
Though we take many precautions to offer only woods that are not toxic to the skin, keep in mind that some people may have a reaction to the wood. If you notice an irritation from wearing the wood, remove it immediately. If problems still persist, please contact a physician.



Apricot Wood

Black Walnut




Gabon Ebony Wood

Holly Wood


Osage Orange Wood

Pink Ivory Wood

Tiger Ebony Wood


Wild Olivewood


Himni Racing